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Recommended Reading for Runners

I regularly recommend this books to runners and non-runners alike. First off, it’s a great story, full of inspiration of many different kinds. Second (and probably more importantly) it offers a wealth of debate to challenge everything you’ve ever thought you knew about footwear and running as a high impact sport. Thirdly, comparitive study of the […]

Definitely Try This at Home

Do you have a stiff neck? clunky shoulder? a knee that never feels quite right? Most of us carry some sort of niggle around with us. Try this. Scan your body for any bothersome areas, shut your eyes for a moment and conjure up any thoughts, colours, emotions that spring to mind, write them down. […]

Love Massage? Hate Oil?

Leamington Massage Therapy has the answer! If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want at the end of a massage is to slide off the couch looking for something to wipe the grease off with. As a therapist, I find oil far too slippery to work with. Instead I use an organic cream […]

£15 off Sports Massage April 2013

This offer has now expired. Are you registered for the 10k Recency Run? Bring proof of registration for this race and get a pre-event or post-event massage for £30 saving £15. Improve your run with a Pre Event Massage: improve muscle condition and balance, repair microinjuries and adhesions, start your run in the best possible […]

Injury Clinic Offer

This offer has now expired. Is a new or old injury stopping you enjoying your sport or life in general? During January 2012 massage to help recover from injury is on special offer. You will recieve up to 30 mins FREE consultation including postural assessment, muscle and joint tests, then a 1 hour sports/deep tissue […]

Most inspiring read of 2011

This book is awesome, prepare to have all your preconceptions about the science of running and the basic suitability of humans to run obliterrated! Leaves you itching to get out there and share the joy! and this comes from a person who hasn’t run since junior school! find out more at

Special Offer 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage £25

This offer has now expired. Saturday 9th October at Therapy to Take Away Regent Street Leamington Spa. Step on the road to recovery from pain and chronic tension with a deep tissue massage. Using a variety of techniques tension is released from muscles and tendons to improve mobility and promote relaxation. Regular treatments can provide […]

Postural Pointers

In response to the many people who tell me that they don’t make time in their day to do exercises even though they know it would probably do them good, I have decided to release a series of Postural Pointers to help you find ways to take more care of your posture and discover routes […]

massage therapy is moving premises!

As of 1st December 2009  massage therapy will be located exclusively at Therapy to Take Away. 125-127 Regent street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4NX.  Click on the following link for images of the treatment rooms To book your next appointment please call  01926 311107