Definitely Try This at Home

Do you have a stiff neck? clunky shoulder? a knee that never feels quite right? Most of us carry some sort of niggle around with us. Try this. Scan your body for any bothersome areas, shut your eyes for a moment and conjure up any thoughts, colours, emotions that spring to mind, write them down. Now do another body scan and find an area that has no niggles, you probably don’t usually even notice this bit of you. Again focus in and take note of the way it makes you feel.

In all likelyhood, the images and feelings about your niggley bit will have come out on the dark and negative side, while the usually ignored, non niggley part will have conjured light and bouncy thoughts and feelings, possibly even a glimmer of optimism that more of you could feel this way?

So I ask you, do we focus too much on our pain or discomfort? Have I just put myself out of business?

Look out for more posts on the Headology of Pain and Discomfort coming soon.

Thanks to Gary Ward of Anatomy in Motion, for providing this little gem in his book What The Foot? (2013)


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