Hot Thai Herb Massage is a therapeutic treatment for the mind and body, this delightful, aromatic treatment offers a taste of tropical paradise, leaving you feeling refreshed and unified.

More than 20 aromatic herbs including lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime leaf and tamarind are bound in a pure cotton fabric. The herbal compresses are steamed and applied along the energy lines of the body with gradually increasing pressure. The finishing touch is a light application of coconut and essential oils. The oils are blended to either uplift or relax, the choice is yours.


The three sizes of herbal compress contain mix of herbs to provide a balance of stimulating and relaxing effects. Traditional Thai herbalism attributes toning and purifying qualities to the herbs used; for the skin, muscles, organs and circulatory systems.

The smallest compress nestles neatly into the finer contours of the face, hands and feet, the medium size suits those of a smaller frame, while the large provides a broader contact. To get the most out of your body treatment choose the compress size that suits you best. Click on the Prices tab so view all the different treatment options.

Hot Thai massage

Hot Thai herb massage

Hot Thai herb compress