90 minutes ~ £70 recommended for your first appointment
60 minutes ~ £55
30 minutes ~ £30 for existing clients only

SWEDISH, DEEP TISSUE, for Relaxation

90 minutes ~ £70
60 minutes ~ £55
30 minutes ~ £30

CHILDREN’S MASSAGE  under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

90 minutes ~ £70 suitable for 15 years old and over
60 minutes ~ £55 suitable for 12 years old and over and initial appointments
30 minutes ~ £30 suitable from birth, for existing clients only


Please note that these Thai treatments are unsuitable for children or any adult with cardiovascular conditions ie varicose veins or other condition requiring blood thinning medications, please contact if unsure or of more mature years.

All treatments begin with a hot herbal footbath

Orchid Hours ~ 60 minute tropical treatments ~ £60

2 large herbal compresses treat the back, arms and legs
1 large herbal compress treats the back & 2 small herbal compresses treat the face, hands and feet

Slow boat to Bangkok ~ 90 minute tropical treatments

2 large compresses treat the back, arms, hands, legs and feet ~ £75
2 large herbal compresses treat the back, arms and legs & 2 small herbal compresses treat the Face, Hands and Feet ~ £80

Thai Takeout

Herbal bath pillows to treat yourself or a friend at home ~ £5 or x2 ~ £9



Contact Mandy with your request for a gift voucher, please give details of who you would like it addressed to and from and the treatment you have chosen, this will be displayed on the voucher, rather than a monetary value, with a note assuring that the style or length of treatment may be altered to one of equal value, or used in part payment.

A PDF voucher will be emailed once a successful bank transfer has been received.


Opening Hours click here



You may be charged the full treatment price if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice.