Relief from anxiety for 12 year old with autism

My 12 year old son has Autism and anxiety issues, so he’s a child that doesn’t trust easily. Mandy is very friendly, calm and instantly put my son at ease. Through the week anger, stress and anxieties build up, but he is always calm and content after his massage with Mandy, he can put his troubles down for the evening and get a good night’s sleep.

In his own words:~ “I can’t wait to go to see Mandy, she is very nice and makes me feel calm and relaxed. Massage makes me feel like I’m floating, I love it best when I fall asleep. I can concentrate more because I’m not anxious.
Katie, Coventry

Careful, specific release, plus invaluable information

I contacted Mandy after experiencing a long period of increasingly severe back pain whilst seated, for which I am receiving physiotherapy and medication.  I have residual pain and tension in several muscles in the hip and lower back for which I sought relief and comfort.
Mandy was careful to fully understand the overall problem and proposed and delivered a series of massage techniques that successfully identified and released highly specific areas around my pelvis, hip, upper and mid back and leg joints, including some techniques that allowed targeting and identification of smaller muscles tension and some weaknesses that could be contributing.
After the session my hips and lower back and tension at the top of my left thigh were released and I felt more balanced, light and free.  My walk home was quite floaty as a result and I felt more natural in my gait.
 The session was followed up with some targeted exercises sent by email and some guidance on how to make sitting for long periods more active and less damaging.   A day later it is clear that there is really only one muscle that remains under fatigue/tension, but the exercises aim to strengthen muscles that will relieve this and help minimise the problem.
After the session, Mandy was careful to help me to fully understand and feel how appropriate sitting postures can be generated and adjusted by sitting with me as I sat and moved my pelvis into different positions under guidance to make seating active.  This care and attention was invaluable to understanding which muscles and postures to engage when sitting,  and I look forward to trying these at work, and progressing into recovery.
One tip though, I needed to make time and prepare for a long deep sleep afterwards.   My body and mind felt very released and the night after the massage,  I had a blissful dreamy sleep that lasted nearly half the next day!
Jeremy, Leamington

Treatment made quite a difference

Many thanks for the treatment, it’s made quite a difference. My knee was a bit sore for the first 2 days but I’ve been walking (practising using my feet differently) for 2 hours most days and I can really feel the improvement.
Jade, Leamington

Impressed with the non-dependency approach

First time I’ve been to see Mandy after trying chiropractors before (without much success).  She was brilliant in explaining and treating my exact problem, so that by the time I left, the problem I’d had for 2 months was gone (and hasn’t returned in the 10 days since).

Mandy was really patient and helpful in answering my numerous questions, and in giving me a comprehensive programme of follow-up activities to make sure I wouldn’t need to go back again (unlike previous visits to chiropractors, who seemed to want me to pay their mortgage for them).

Would thoroughly recommend Mandy as friendly, professional and very effective, and will certainly go back with any future problems. Thanks Mandy!
Dave, Leamington

Really really useful advice

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the session and I’m finding the posture and movement advice really really useful. I have printed them out and put them on my fridge :-)
Abigail, Leamington

Recommended for Muscular Problems

The first time I met Mandy, I had booked for a Swedish massage. However, I arrived and explained that I had a couple of specific problems – mainly issues in my shoulders following two broken arms a couple of years ago. Mandy had asked a number of questions about my problems and then recommended Deep Tissue Massage as a better option.

Since then I have seen Mandy on a regular basis and my shoulders are much improved – especially if I remember to do the stretches that Mandy recommends at the end of each session. I have found the combination of treatment sessions, followed by some small work to do on my part, really helpful at keeping me on track! Each treatment session is different depending on what has been happening in the previous couple of weeks, but I always find that my body is feeling more comfortable and my mind is calmer.

Deep Tissues Massage is not always ‘relaxing’ in the traditional gentle massage way, but it has had much better results than other massage I have tried. I would certainly recommend Mandy, especially if you are struggling with a particular muscular problem.
Jo, Leamington

Peaceful state of mind and a Rejuvenated body

Until Mandy worked on my exhausted frame I hadn’t realised the difference between a bit of relaxation and being immersed! Each massage is tailored to my individual health/stress issues and starts the moment I’m warmly greeted by a happy, smiling Mandy! Each session follows the format of establishing where I am well-being wise that week and how I’ve progressed with the numerous helpful previous suggestions and ideas to decrease my stress levels.

Mandy keeps detailed notes to help guide her around my aches and pains which provide a thoughtful way to help speed my body and mind into restful bliss. Mandy is always attentive and aware of my various pains and the best way to deal with them – total pampering! It’s worth noting that I’ve had various previous therapists that clump around and basically can make you feel like a piece of meat, going through the motions of a massage, with Mandy it’s different – the massage flows, quietly guiding me to the calm!

At the end of the massage I am left to gather myself and am never rushed. Mandy is keen to know how the treatment worked and if there is anything that could be improved or different to be more effective. I can thoroughly recommend Mandy; if you have any sort of stress, or difficulty relaxing, as a route to achieving a calm peaceful state of mind and a rejuvenated body.
Simon, Claverdon

Deep Tissue Massage Recommended

I’ve been very pleased with the therapy that you have given both my neck and back over recent weeks. When I came to you I was suffering from considerable pain and stiffness and finding it difficult to do simple things like looking right at road junctions in my car! Thanks to you I am now very much improved and I would not hesitate to recommend your deep tissue massage to anyone suffering muscular pain.
Many thanks.
Allan, Marton

Insight into my Injuries

When I last visited Leamington I had the most amazing treatment from yourself. You had healing hands and insight into my injuries few therapists I have been treated by have had. I felt like a new person afterwards and would like to thank you and highly recommend you.

All the best. Kind regards
Paula, Manchester

Advice for self help

I have had lots of treatments for a bad back over the years and Mandy’s treatments have had one of the best effects. She offers good advice for self help and definitely spends the right time in identifying the problems before just wading in. If I could afford it I would go to Mandy every month just to keep in shape. I have recommended Mandy to many people. Regards
Ollie, Leamington

Professional friendly and informative

Mandy, when I phoned to book a massage with you, you told me you would mix different styles to suit my ‘problem/request’. I was very impressed with this approach. Great to not be confined to one type of massage. So, not the treatment I’d expected – it was better! And you definitely adapted the treatment for me. You were professional, but friendly and very informative. And you sent me home with some ideas on continuing my well-being. Just the right amount of info to remember. I had two treatments with you, and the ‘problem’ went away. Wonderful! Touching wood – I am pain-free still months later. I would definitely recommend you. Kind regards
Alison, Leamington

Improvement after one session

After suffering from bursitis and a torn psoas muscle my first remedial massage alleviated the pain. I can sit down – after six weeks of only standing or lying down. Thank you.
Mary, Leamington Spa

Highly professional and very skilled

I enjoy my sessions with you very much and appreciate the advice you give. I happily recommend you to others, safe in the knowledge that you are highly professional and very skilled and actively seek further knowledge in an effort to help all your clients. Thank you.
Angie, Leamington

Useful treatment

I had regular sports massage for a couple of months after shoulder injury. Haven’t been back for a number of months but I found the treatment was useful. I haven’t gone to anyone else and would definitely go back if I wish to pick it back up. Thank you.
Emlyn, Leamington

Effective stress release

Mandy is always very careful to understand any particular requirement I may have and has worked on a problem shoulder and upper back and neck issues at different times. However, Mandy doesn’t look at any one problem in isolation but has a good memory (or records) of previous issues, and knows how I am likely to respond to particular techniques. She works to ensure that I get the maximum benefit from a treatment. I find her extremely professional in her approach and she always encourages me to do stretches at home (which she shows me before I leave) and gives me a bottle of water to drink. I have found her massages very effective in releasing the stress in my neck and shoulders, which, in turn, helps my migraines. I sometimes have a strong reaction to massage that results in more pain initially but Mandy uses techniques to overcome this. I would definitely recommend Mandy to anyone wanting a relaxation massage or a remedial treatment for a particular problem or issue.
Tricia, Leamington

Relaxed, informative professional

I was really impressed by the massage I had for my neck and shoulder. I came away feeling relaxed and I thought that Mandy was an extremely informative, thorough and professional therapist. I would definitely recommend Mandy to others and I would have more massages if you were based in Coventry.
Teresa, Coventry

Had the best 3 nights sleep I’ve had in years after my first massage, Thank you. I’ll be back!
John, Warwick

Will be booking again

My hips were so much more mobile after my sports massage and the work around my neck was just to die for. The worst bit was having to get up at the end. Will definitely be booking again.
Guy, Rugby

Another recommendation

I came to you in knots after a very stressful December, I slept like a baby that night, thank you so much. Will be recommending you to all my friends.
Karen, Milverton

Awesome ‘pummelling’

Hot Thai Herb massage, that was awesome. I felt like I  was drowning in a vat of Tom Yum soup. What a wonderful way to go! You could have just left me in that warm swampy room, surrounded by all those gorgeous smells and I would have been happy; but, then again I wouldn’t have missed that ‘pummelling’ for all the world!
Susan, Kineton

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